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April 11, 2018
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Customer Service in Construction

We are in a customer driven economy. A contractor either meets the client’s expectations, or not. The best way to meet client expectations is an emphasis and focus on customer service.

Great customer service begins with a contractor’s ability to provide excellent communication, collaboration and engagement with the client. A good contractor begins this process with clear expectations and an open dialog. The contractor must then use their expertise to obtain the absolute best value for each client’s specific needs. This happens most effectively when a contractor understands exactly what the client’s wants and needs are when defining a project. If there is going to be a problem; this is where it will occur with misunderstandings or break downs in communication. Other than Design-Build projects, which require a completely different approach, the typical contractor believes ”it’s the architects or engineers responsibility” to define what needs to be constructed and finished; contractually this is true. However, a GOOD contractor knows that the responsibility lies with them when issues or problems occur and works to correct them as quickly, efficiently and thoroughly as possible. The best way to avoid potential problems is to listen carefully and establish well defined goals and desires before the project begins.  It is best to keep open communication throughout the project and handle small issues quickly before they escalate into larger problems.

Good contractors provide a proactive approach to all clients and provide the services clients want.  Building the Client-Contractor relationship, develop the relationship as a partner, show the client the contractor is there to help protect their investment. A contractor’s number one goal is to make the entire process user-friendly, transparent and pleasant for the clients from start to finish. Customer service is more than just completing the project on time, on budget and with quality. A sound relationship is at the heart of any successful project, whether its development, interior build out, new construction or design-build.

Here at Randolph Williamson, we are thrilled to discuss projects with existing or new client. If you have a project or special opportunity, please give us a call, we would be glad to meet with you.

Rex Frohlich

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