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May 17, 2016
Discovery Center At Wild Heron
May 16, 2016

The Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal stated “Pinewood Atlanta’s location will contribute significantly to Georgia’s growing reputation as a top draw for movie and tv productions. We welcome the business this world-renowned company will bring to the state and the jobs it will create for our crew base and supporting companies.”

This site consists of a 700 acre full service film and entertainment studio complex comprised of 218,000 square feet over five sound stages, 52,000 square feet of production offices , 140,000 square feet of workshops, 178,000 square feet of warehouses and service provider space just south of Atlanta in Fayetteville, Georgia. As the Developer and General Contractor, Randolph Williamson worked with architects, Foley Design Associates, to construct this site using tilt-up concrete panels, structural steel and pre-engineered steel. Upon completion, this development became a world-class studio for the production of film, television, music, and video games and the largest in the world.