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OSHA’s Focus Four


The Randolph Williamson construction team is currently participating in OSHA 30 hour training. Our very own Director of Safety, Mike Calhoun, is leading the training course.  The course offers introductory OSHA training and brings renewed focus to the importance of jobsite safety. While there are many aspects of OSHA, this article will provide insight on the Focus Four hazards, where 90% of construction fatalities occur.

The first topic within the Focus Four is falls, and its major hazards in construction.  Fall hazards are present at most worksites on a daily basis.  OSHA requires that fall protection be provided at heights of six feet or more, for general construction work. Regardless of the fall distance, the RW team must use the proper fall protection chosen by the competent person. Starting with OSHA’s hierarchy of controls,

1.       Engineering controls – physically changing a machine or work environment.

2.       Work practice change – train workers to perform tasks in ways that reduce hazard exposure.

3.       Administrative controls – changing how or when workers do their job to reduce exposures.

4.       Personal Protective Equipment – Using PPE is often essential, but it is generally the last line of defense to protect workers.

Then choosing the proper solution from conventional methods, such as guardrails, safety nets, or personal fall arrest systems.

The second topic within the Focus Four is Electrocution Hazards. This hazard exposes workers to Fire, Shock, Arc Flash, Burns and Electrocution. An example of this type of hazard could be workers relocating an aluminum ladder that comes in contact with an overhead power line resulting in electrocuting the worker. Construction employers are required to train their employees to recognize and avoid these types of hazards.

The third topic within the Focus Four is the Struck-by hazard. These injuries occur when a worker is struck or impacted with a significant object. The object could be falling, flying, swinging or rolling. An example would be a crane operator losing control of a load of material that became separated while in transport and struck a worker below. Qualified riggers are used to minimize this type of hazard.

The fourth topic within the Focus Four is Caught Between. Injuries in this area of focus are a result of crushing injuries between objects. Some examples of this type of injury are trenching cave-ins and being crushed between equipment and structures. The competent person must warn workers to avoid unsafe conditions such as excavations or other pinch points.                                                   

While the Focus Four hazards are highlighted above, the RW team is fully trained on all aspects of jobsite safety.

 Michelle Boyd
VP Business Development

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